AMT Claims

Court Ruling: Majority of timeshares are mis-sold products!

AMT Claims are working with various companies that are assisting timeshare owners in claiming back money spent on holiday products. Not every person who has purchased a timeshare or holiday product qualifies to make a claim, nor is it always a simple procedure.

Courts have ruled that for the majority of European timeshare owners were mis-sold their products. Timeshare resorts can no longer keep you locked in unwanted contracts!

AMT Claims are currently working along side two companies that provide different options depending on your needs and requirements. 

The more simple claims which are claimed back via banks and credit card providers can take less than 6 weeks to complete. 

More complex cases taken through the courts can generally take up to 9 months. However, all court cases vary in regards to the duration of completion as well as outcome. Full information will be presented and all options will be explained prior to moving forward.

Request a Call

Informative Consultation

The informative consultations are for timeshare owners who are still happy to hold on to their timeshares for the time being. However, they would like to get all of the information in regards to exiting, just in case they decide to take that route at a later date.

Suitable for clients to make simple claims as well as going through Spanish courts in more complex cases.

You may have the option to submit a claim on the day depending on the complicity of your case.

UK Home Consultation

The UK home consultation & claim is for timeshare owners who are actively looking to relinquish their timeshares and claim the money back that they have spent.

A UK home consultation is only provided if there is absolute certainty that you are eligible to make a claim. A consultant will visit you and look over all of your paperwork to explain every option in detail.

You will be able to submit a claim on the day.

Who is eligible?

Informative Consultation

  • European Permanent resident
  • Purchased direct from resort
  • Must still own your timeshare
  • Maintenance up to date
  • Paid by credit/debit card or finance
  • Fluent in English, Italian or French

UK Home Consultation

  • Purchased after 1999
  • Paid more than £10,000
  • Maintenance over £600 per year
  • Must still own your timeshare
  • Paid by credit card or finance
  • Maintenance fees no less than 2 years behind