The pandemic has affected European timeshare owners more

The pandemic has been hard for everyone, especially European timeshare owners. While larger countries such as USA, Canada and Australia have all dealt with border closures and restrictions, the majority of timeshare owners that reside in those countries, own timeshares within the country.

The majority of European timeshare owners have to travel by plane and cross borders to reach their destination. This has caused many timeshare owners in Europe to have now paid 2 years maintenance fees for holidays that they have been unable to utilise.

Can I use my American timeshare in 2022?

Europe is beginning to open its borders and travel can now begin again. This is great news for Europeans who own timeshare in Spain and the Spanish islands, however, there is still little light at the end of the tunnel for Europeans who own timeshare in the United States.

As of 26/07/2021 the United States is still reaching more than 35,000 new COVID cases daily. The USA is currently at Amber level for UK residents, which mean more travel restrictions.

Maintenance Fees

There are many luxury timeshare resorts in the United States and these come with higher than average annual management fees. This is fine if you are able to enjoy annual vacations, but for many Europeans, this has become a huge burden. Consumers can’t keep paying for things they are unable to use!

Hotel prices decline for non-owners

While timeshare owners are contracted to pay the increasing management fees, hotel prices are dropping due to the current financial situation. In some cases, tourists can now book into timeshare accommodation paying much less than members pay, and without the initial outlay of $10,000 +.


A lot of timeshare owners in the United States were sold the timeshare based on it being an exclusive membership, only available for members. If non-members can stay in the same accommodation as yourself, they may have broken a term of the agreement, which could allow you to null and void the contract and in some cases claim compensation.

If you would like to find out if you are able to terminate your timeshare contract legally or claim compensation, use our online compensation calculator. A member of our team will be in touch with all the relevant information.