timeshare exit pack scandal
Timeshare exit pack scandal update

Customers who have purchased a 5-year exit pack, discover that the exit pack was bogus and the timeshare continued! More and more consumers are coming forward now after last week’s article shone light on the situation. The Situation Members who purchased into illegal perpetual points contracts were told that the only way out of the…

Timeshare resort dupes members into paying for exit packs!

It has recently been discovered that a popular timeshare chain, who’s headquarters are based in India, have tricked thousands of Brits into paying for timeshare exits packs when their previous contracts were illegal! The timeshare chain, who we cannot name for legal reasons at this time, used perpetual contracts which has been illegal since 1999….

Timeshare holidays after Coronavirus
Timeshare holidays after Coronavirus

How does the future look for timeshare holidays after Coronavirus? You could expect a chain reaction leading to the demise of timeshare holidays after Coronavirus travel restrictions ease. Air travel has came to a standstill in the UK, whilst citizens are being advised by the FCO to avoid all but essential travel. Other EU member…

get out of Club Infinity
How to get out of Club Infinity

Many people who purchased their timeshares with Petchy Leisure, were once very happy owners. As Petchy Leisure transformed into MGM and finally forced into the Club Infinity point system, their members have become increasingly agitated. If you are wanting to get out of Club Infinity then you will need to find the cheapest way to…