You may have heard that many owners are turning to compensation claims as they have been forced to pay for holidays that they were unable to use. There also appears to be many bogus claims companies now cold calling with incorrect information.

We have written this post to help timeshare owners understand who is possibly entitled to claim compensation and why.

Firstly, solicitors can be disbarred if they operate by cold calling tactics or even work with companies if they know that their clients’ data had been obtained by illegal means, such as cold calling.

Who can claim compensation?

Not every timeshare owner qualifies to claim compensation. A successful compensation claim usually is determined by how the timeshare was purchased.

Purchased Privately

If you have purchased your timeshare privately, you will not be able to claim timeshare compensation.

Credit Card

This is dependent on state and country that issues your credit card. But it may be possible to claim using Section 75 of the consumer credits act. You would need to prove that the product is not as described when purchased. Speak to a specialist claims advisor as they will know how to find illegalities within the timeshare contracts.


If your timeshare resorts arranged a finance agreement on site, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Finance companies have a duty of care when it comes to lending money. Some banks have been court ordered to refund the money they lent, including the interest.


If you paid for your timeshare in cash or via a debit card, depending on the circumstance surrounding the purchase you could be successful in court. Depending on the year that you had purchased and where you own, timeshare resorts are not allowed to take any money during the cooling off period and this includes deposits.

There are many reasons why timeshare owners could be entitled to compensation that is not related to the payment method. If you would like speak to speak to a specialist, use our compensation calculator and a member of our team will be in touch.