American Timeshare
Can I stop paying for my American timeshare?

The pandemic has affected European timeshare owners more The pandemic has been hard for everyone, especially European timeshare owners. While larger countries such as USA, Canada and Australia have all dealt with border closures and restrictions, the majority of timeshare owners that reside in those countries, own timeshares within the country. The majority of European…

When can I use my timeshare again?
When can I use my timeshare again?

What initially seemed like it would only be 14 days of lockdown for many European nationals, it has now extended to 18 months and counting! Unless you own your timeshare in the same country that you reside in, you are very likely to have paid management fees for holidays that you have been unable to…

timeshare exit pack scandal
Timeshare exit pack scandal update

Customers who have purchased a 5-year exit pack, discover that the exit pack was bogus and the timeshare continued! More and more consumers are coming forward now after last week’s article shone light on the situation. The Situation Members who purchased into illegal perpetual points contracts were told that the only way out of the…

Timeshare resort dupes members into paying for exit packs!

It has recently been discovered that a popular timeshare chain, who’s headquarters are based in India, have tricked thousands of Brits into paying for timeshare exits packs when their previous contracts were illegal! The timeshare chain, who we cannot name for legal reasons at this time, used perpetual contracts which has been illegal since 1999….

Silverpoint Resort Under Investigation
Silverpoint Resort Under Investigation again!

Once again Silverpoint Resorts, formally known as Resort Properties, are under investigation. While hundreds of timeshare owners are still waiting for settlements, it appears that Silverpoint have managed to hide the majority of their funds. Silverpoint have previously been under investigation by the Province Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for moving their assets…

How to get out of your timeshare
How to get out of your timeshare

We often have people contacting us to find out if they are eligible to claim compensation or requesting information regarding terminating their timeshare agreements. We hope this post can help answer some questions. It used to be a much quicker process to terminate a timeshare contract, however, now it seems that the process can take…

How did you pay for your timeshare
How did you pay for your timeshare?

You may have heard that many owners are turning to compensation claims as they have been forced to pay for holidays that they were unable to use. There also appears to be many bogus claims companies now cold calling with incorrect information. We have written this post to help timeshare owners understand who is possibly…

Timeshare perpetual contracts
Timeshare perpetual contracts

Timeshare often only becomes a problem for the timeshare owner when they try to exit from the ownership. We have written this post to help timeshare owners understand timeshare perpetual contracts. What is a timeshare perpetual contract? The word perpetuity means forever or everlasting. You may see that your contract states that the ownership is…

Timeshares purchased on Finance
Timeshares purchased on Finance

Finance institutions have recently received bad publicity online as they have a duty of care and this was not carried out for timeshares purchased on finance. Many timeshare resorts used high pressurised sales tactics and some finance institutions are to blame for their role in the sale. A duty of care should be carried out…