Silverpoint Resort Under Investigation
Silverpoint Resort Under Investigation again!

Once again Silverpoint Resorts, formally known as Resort Properties, are under investigation. While hundreds of timeshare owners are still waiting for settlements, it appears that Silverpoint have managed to hide the majority of their funds. Silverpoint have previously been under investigation by the Province Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for moving their assets…

How to get out of your timeshare
How to get out of your timeshare

We often have people contacting us to find out if they are eligible to claim compensation or requesting information regarding terminating their timeshare agreements. We hope this post can help answer some questions. It used to be a much quicker process to terminate a timeshare contract, however, now it seems that the process can take…

How did you pay for your timeshare
How did you pay for your timeshare?

You may have heard that many owners are turning to compensation claims as they have been forced to pay for holidays that they were unable to use. There also appears to be many bogus claims companies now cold calling with incorrect information. We have written this post to help timeshare owners understand who is possibly…

Timeshare perpetual contracts
Timeshare perpetual contracts

Timeshare often only becomes a problem for the timeshare owner when they try to exit from the ownership. We have written this post to help timeshare owners understand timeshare perpetual contracts. What is a timeshare perpetual contract? The word perpetuity means forever or everlasting. You may see that your contract states that the ownership is…

Timeshares purchased on Finance
Timeshares purchased on Finance

Finance institutions have recently received bad publicity online as they have a duty of care and this was not carried out for timeshares purchased on finance. Many timeshare resorts used high pressurised sales tactics and some finance institutions are to blame for their role in the sale. A duty of care should be carried out…

timeshare after January 1999?
Did you buy a timeshare after January 1999?

The first timeshare law in Spain came into effect on 5th January 1999! What does this mean for people who purchased a timeshare after January 1999? What was the law called? The name of this law is Law 42/98. Information regarding this law can be found on a Spanish Government site on the link below….

timeshare before 1999
Purchased a timeshare before 1999

Many timeshare owners are aware that if they purchased their timeshares in Spain after 1999, they could be eligible to claim compensation. However, this does not necessarily mean that resorts who sold timeshares before 1999 got away with any wrong doing. In 1999 Spain’s first official timeshare law came into place, which was then replaced…

Hilton changeover will affect Diamond members
How the Hilton changeover will affect Diamond members.

Hilton Grand Vacations and Diamond Resorts International both posted an article on their websites on 10 March 2021, announcing the agreement for Hilton to acquire Diamond. But how will the Hilton changeover affect Diamond members? (links to all cited articles can be found at the bottom of this post.) Everyone knows that the Hilton brand…

Diamond Resorts and Hilton
Hilton Grand Vacations to Acquire Diamond Resorts

Creating the Premier Leisure Operator With the Broadest Offering in the Vacation Ownership Industry. Stated on news.diamondresorts.com This is how Diamond Resorts described the collaboration with Hilton Grand Vacations. It sounds great. Diamond owners are generally happy with their timeshares, plenty of flexibility and now the accommodation could be improved to Hilton standards. We are…