Azure Resorts
Azure Resorts enter into voluntary liquidation!

Maltese timeshare giants Azure Resorts are the first big company to enter into voluntary liquidation due to the collapse of the timeshare industry. However, the closure of the 5-star timeshare operation within the Radisson Golden Sands was predicted some time ago. Is this simply due to the global pandemic that is affecting tourism worldwide or…

Timeshare holidays after Coronavirus
Timeshare holidays after Coronavirus

How does the future look for timeshare holidays after Coronavirus? You could expect a chain reaction leading to the demise of timeshare holidays after Coronavirus travel restrictions ease. Air travel has came to a standstill in the UK, whilst citizens are being advised by the FCO to avoid all but essential travel. Other EU member…

Timeshare holidays cancelled
Timeshare Holidays for British Holidaymakers End until October

Timeshare Trouble for British Residents! Timeshare holidays this summer may not exist for many British travellers as Spain’s borders are likely to be closed until OCTOBER! British timeshare owners hoping to use their European timeshares once the Coronavirus lockdown has been lifted may have to think again, as the Spanish Government plans to keep its…

Timeshare resort gets taken over
Timeshare resort gets taken over

Timeshare resort gets taken over by another company Timeshare resorts may change hands throughout the life of your ownership. In this post we would like to highlight things that you should expect if your timeshare resort gets taken over by another company. Renovations You could see many renovations throughout the resort. There are pros and cons…

mis-sold timeshare in Tenerife
Mis-sold timeshare in Tenerife

Claiming money back from mis-sold timeshare in Tenerife New laws have been put in place to protect timeshare owners. More and more owners are now able to claim money back from mis-sold timeshare in Tenerife. Timeshare has been on the decline in Europe for many years with Tenerife being affected the most. Over the past…

timeshare consultation
Timeshare Advice

Getting impartial timeshare advice is definitely something all owners should do. Many resorts will aim their advice towards purchasing more products or exit packs. During lock down we would like to offer a FREE service to all timeshare owners. The usual fees for specialist advice is between £150 – £250 per hour. We are offering…

timeshare resort closed down
Has your timeshare resort closed down?

Many timeshare resorts have begun to close their doors with many more expected to follow suit. We are writing this post to explain which route you should take if you have recently found out that your timeshare resort may have closed down. My timeshare resort closed down, what are my options? Here are the steps…

spanish supreme court
Spanish Supreme Court Ruling – Timeshare

Spanish Supreme Court Ruling Rulings are final! Since the Spanish Supreme Court ruling in 2015, timeshare contracts which have not complied with legislation have been rendered null and void. Since the court ruling, timeshare owners have been given the opportunity to claim compensation against their ownership whilst exiting without penalties. Eligibility to apply for compensation…

timeshare advice covid19
Timeshare Advice over COVID-19

Timeshare resorts close down! Many timeshare owners are now panicking as they discover the closure of their resorts. Many consumers are now requesting urgent timeshare advice as notice comes in that some resorts will have to keep their doors closed for the foreseeable future. Here at AMT, We have been inundated with timeshare advice requests….