EU Timeshare Directive
EU Timeshare Directive. The European guidelines.

What is the EU timeshare directive? When talking about the EU timeshare directive it is referring to Directive 2008/122/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 January 2009. This covers the protection of consumers in respect of certain aspects of timeshare, long term holiday products along with the resale and exchange contracts….

contact keys concierge
Contact Keys Concierge. Tourists left stranded in Teneife

Did you have a holiday booked in Tenerife with Keys Concierge? Or a promotional holiday booked at The Suites at the Mirage or Suites at Beverly Heights? Many customers can not contact Keys Concierge or Signallia to confirm their bookings! We have heard several complaints / stories of tourists turning up to Tenerife to find…