It has recently come to our attention that Some of the larger timeshare chains are so desperate to hold on to their members maintenance fees that they have resulted to further lies!

What is this hold they have on their members?

Cult expert Dr. Hassan’s has highlighted shocking similarities between major cults and the highly controls timeshare giants operating in Europe.

Dr. Hassan is a world redound cult expert and according to an article posted on Freedom of Mind, “Starting to Question if You Are in a Controlling Group” you can find shocking similarities between cults and some timeshare resorts. A Link can be found at the bottom of this post for people who have become victim of timeshare cult controlling organisations.

Advertise My Timeshare are not anti-timeshare, there are many amazing timeshare resorts across the world, unfortunately there are also terrible cooperation’s that you should be aware of.

We cannot name them all for legal reasons but we have listed a few big signs that you should beware of.

If you have found yourself being controlled by a timeshare cult, or you fear a family member may be trapped within such group, please continue to read some of the question below to find out if there are any similarities. Some text has been sited from Freedom Of Mind.

Have you recently started questioning your life and how you are spending your time and money?

Have you been told to avoid anyone that it trying to assist you in exiting?

Do you engaging with a former member who convince you that you belong within the timeshare?

Are you on first name basis with any of the timeshare representatives?

Do the employees try to make you feel like you are all part of a big family?

Do they encourage you to recruit new members?

Have you felt a growing disillusionment because you have been treated unfairly?

Have you begun to question if it is time to leave a controlling timeshare group, but been pressured to stay?

Once you decide that you want to leave, it helps to start writing down all of the reasons you no longer wish to belong a timeshare organisation.

Cut them out completely! A legitimate timeshare resort will explain to you how to withdraw from the contract. A cult timeshare organisation will tell you to cut all contact with anyone expressing negatively towards their resort.

If a resort tells you not to listen to the rest of the world and to keep paying them management fees, you should cut them off.

Some members of timeshare cults have paid more than 40,000€ to the cults and continue to keep paying annually, even when they are unable to use the holidays. This can be never ending; many people have lost the entire life savings to timeshare cults. Sometimes paying a company to relinquish the timeshare and cutting your losses will be better in the long run.

Further information regarding cults can be found on the link below.