Getting impartial timeshare advice is definitely something all owners should do. Many resorts will aim their advice towards purchasing more products or exit packs.

During lock down we would like to offer a FREE service to all timeshare owners. The usual fees for specialist advice is between £150 – £250 per hour. We are offering all telephone consultations completely free of charge until 25th April 2020. We have limited time slots available, so booking your slot in advance is recommended.

Arrange a no obligation telephone consultation and speak with a timeshare specialist today.

Get advice on:

  1. The ins and outs of your timeshare contracts.
  2. Making the most of your ownership.
  3. Buying and selling timeshare.
  4. Terminating a timeshare contract.
  5. Submitting claims for mis-sold timeshares, if possible.
  6. General timeshare advice.

Book your timeshare advice slot while they are still FREE

Book your timeshare advice slot

Timeshare advice slots are available FREE of charge until 25 April 2020