UK Home Consultation & Claim

Timeshare Claim / Relinquishment

UK home consultations and claims are only available to people who are actively wanting to relinquish any responsibilities in owning their timeshares. The UK home consultations do not go down the route of court cases, pursuing timeshare resorts. The UK home consultations will provide a few options, all of which will result in you exiting from your timeshare, being no longer liable for any future maintenance fees.

Possible options could include:

  • Standard relinquishment (without claim)
  • Submitting claims against credit/debit card providers
  • Claims against finance company

To ensure that we can assist as many clients as possible, we can only offer home visits if you qualify to make a claim or relinquish your ownership on the day. If you are looking for information only or would like to explore multiple option, the informative consultation would be more suited for yourself.

Informative Consultation

To get the most out of the home consultation you are encouraged dig out any documentation that you have as well as a list of questions you would like to be answered. It is our job to explain in full, all possible outcomes as well as time frames in receiving any refunds if possible. Please clear your day so that we are able to do our job in full as repeat visits will not be an option.

As all timeshare contracts differ, your possible options of exiting your timeshare will depend on your ownership. Once the consultants have looked through your documentation, they will explain the options available to you in depth.

Prior to your consultation, it is important to acknowledge that not every timeshare has been mis-sold and you may only have one option of relinquishing your timeshare. We will discuss this with you further prior to making an appointment.

You will have the option to begin the process of submitting a claim or relinquishing your timeshare on the day.

Some possible options of exiting may incur charges & fees. However these vary case by case and you will be fully aware before making any decisions. 

Who can submit a claim?

  • UK permanent residents
  • Must still own your timeshare
  • Purchased after 1999
  • Maintenance over £600 per year
  • Maintenance no more than 2 years in arrears
  • Paid by credit/debit card or finance
  • Paid more than £10,000
  • Do I qualify

 Home Consultation